Remote Deposit Capture

  • Deposit checks electronically and securely from your office
  • Consolidate your deposits quickly into your account 
  • Reduce/eliminate courier expenses or employee time out of the office 
  • Make deposits into your account until 7 PM

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Overview of Remote Deposit Capture

ACH Services

  • Improve receivable collection and cash flow forecasting
  • Reduce business to business transaction and cash concentration transaction costs
  • Collect dues and payments from our online banking system
  • Easil y and securely download your ACH files 

Wholesale Lockbox

  • Your customers or business partners send payments directly to your lockbox
  • Payments processed quickly and deposited into your account
  • Minimize debt costs and keep funds available for your business
  • Online access to lockbox deposit totals and images of remittance documents
  • Faster response time to customer inquiries

Cash Vault

  • Your armored car provider delivers directly to our cash vault to reduce your company's exposure to loss or theft 
  • Cash and coin will be deposited into your account same day

International Receivable Solutions

Merchant Services