Camden National Bank in the Community

At Camden National Bank, our commitment to our communities is deeply rooted in our culture and history. In addition to promoting economic vitality through business activities, each month stakeholders of the Bank support a variety of business, community, social and non-profit organizations.

While volunteerism is not required of our stakeholders, we encourage and support them in their efforts. We are especially proud to see so many engage with their communities in such a genuine and meaningful way.

From running for State office to helping children deal with life-threatening illnesses, our stakeholders have chosen a multitude of interests to pursue. One stakeholder explained it best, we've "chosen service over self-interest, choosing what is best for the whole, as opposed to what is best for the individual."

This type of leadership and commitment is best displayed through the company's Community Spirit of Giving (CSOG), our stakeholder-run community outreach program that sponsors many fundraising events throughout the year to raise money to help area children and families in need. CSOG works with local food pantries and community members to help prevent hunger in Maine.


How we give back.

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