Electronic Security Education

Camden National Bank has taken steps to provide you with a safe and secure online banking environment. You can learn more about these protections on our Online Banking Page as well as on our Security page. However, there are some steps that you can take to further protect your financial information.

Controlling your risks
  • Make sure that you have enabled account alerts in your Internet Banking preferences by accessing them here. You will receive an email anytime there are changes made to your profile so that you can verify they were conducted by you.
  • Periodically review your account activity using the online transaction history to review for unauthorized activity. The Federal Reserve Board's Regulation E provides certain protections against Internet banking losses on consumer accounts provided these losses are reported to the institution in a timely manner. By law, these protections are not extended to business accounts.
  • Always keep your Internet Banking credentials confidential. Your personal credentials are something only you should know and should not be shared with anyone. If you suspect it has been compromised, change it immediately.
  • Remember, Camden National Bank will never contact you and request your online banking credentials. If you receive a request for this information over the phone or online, do not provide it. Contact us immediately at the Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-860-8821 or you can send an email to our Security email.
  • If you encounter any suspicious activity related to your online banking account, or experience any unauthorized activity on your account, please contact your local branch immediately. Additionally, you can report fraud to the authorities at these locations.

Computer / Network Security Tips 
  • Maintain up-to-date operating system security patches and virus/spyware protection software.
  • Implement firewall and intrusion detection/prevention software or services on your home network.

Website Security Tips 
  • Log Off from a website; do not just close the page or "X" out.
  • Secure websites have a web address that includes an "s" (https rather than http). If this is lacking, the site is not genuine. Do not log in or conduct business on the site.

Business Customers
For business customers, consider conducting a risk assessment on your online banking activities on a periodic basis. This risk assessment should review your controls in place as well as identify changes that may have reduced the desired level of security control in your environment. Online business transactions that involve ACH origination and frequent wire transfers have a higher risk. Dual control, token authentication, segregation of duties, and authorization call backs are all additional protections that can afford added layers of security. Additional information can also be accessed at the FTC Business Center.

Camden National Bank Document Knowledge Base
Each of our online products has built-in security features which are continually enhanced in response to changing threats. For a complete explanation of these and other protections that are provided, please reference any of the following documents noted below that were received at your account opening or contact one of our branch offices here to speak to a customer service representative.

  • Camden National Bank Online Banking Disclosure
  • Camden National Business Online Banking Services Agreement
  • Camden National Online Banking Services: Bill Pay Terms and Conditions
  • Camden National Online Banking Services: Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) Origination Service Appendix
  • Camden National Business Online Banking Services: Wire Transfer Service Appendix