Mortgages Made Simple  

We live in an ever changing world when it comes to culture, news, the economy and every topic under the sun. The complex world of home buying, refinancing and mortgages is no exception. Not too long ago, the route to financing a home was a cumbersome and elongated process, burdened with paperwork and red tape.

Recently, the mortgage industry has been changing the way it operates. We have seen the rise of “Fintech” companies – technology-based, non-bank organizations that are highly innovative and nimble entering the market to offer customers speed and simplicity. All of these advancements make for an easier experience but they neglect one of the cornerstones of community banking – the personal approach.

As an organization, we are constantly striving to offer the most innovative technologies for our customers, while maintaining our personal approach when doing business. We recently announced our new digital mortgage application, MortgageTouch, that makes home borrowing easier and more efficient than ever before, a first for a Maine-based bank. In as little as 15 minutes, a mortgage application can be completed with the touch of a fingertip, which takes the complexity and paperwork out of the process

See what modern technology + local experts looks like.

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