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Pay-Up from Camden National Bank


Pay Up from Camden National Bank

Securely send money to friends and family instantly.

Whether they’ve foot the bill or you’re just trying to get money to your son or daughter while they’re away, our new “Pay Up” service makes squaring up with friends and funding family as fast as a debit card payment.


Time to pay up? All you need is the email address or mobile phone number of the person you’d like to pay - no need to share account numbers.


Pay anyone from within online and mobile banking using your debit card number.


The money will move instantly when collected using an eligible debit card.

How it works:
  1. Log in to online or mobile banking and select “Pay a Friend” under the Transactions menu
  2. Enter your Camden National Bank debit card number (you’ll only need this the first time and it will be there as an option for you to pay from the next time)
  3. Enter your friend or family member’s email address or mobile phone number and the amount you’d like to pay them
  4. Authorize the transaction using your debit card PIN and the money is on its way!
What will I need in order to use Pay Up?

There’s very little that you’ll need. The idea is that it’s supposed to be simple! 

  • A Camden National Bank online banking account or our mobile app
  • A Camden National Bank debit card linked to a personal checking account with us
  • Friends! Or at least someone you know well enough to have their cell phone number or email

For additional questions, please see our FAQs.

See FAQs

Need access to online or mobile banking, or a debit card? You can enroll now for our online and mobile services, download our iOS or Android app anytime, or contact our Customer Relations team 24/7 at 800-860-8821 to request a debit card.

Don’t know your friends contact information by heart? No worries. If it’s in your phone, you’ll simply need to update your Camden National Bank mobile app to the latest version and you’ll be able to access your contacts when you go to “Pay a Friend” on our mobile app.


Have questions? Give us a call 24/7 at 800-860-8821.


Pay Up FAQs

What PIN do I enter to authorize the transaction?

This is looking for your debit card PIN for verification.

Why does the PIN pad scramble after I select each number?

The PIN pad will scramble after you enter each digit as a precaution to help protect your sensitive information online.

What if I forget my PIN to authorize the payment?

You’ll be sending money using your Camden National Bank debit card, so that’s the PIN we’ll prompt you for—just like at the store! The pin pad within our mobile app scrambles the numbers after every selection for added security,but that can also make it easy to enter the wrong pin. If the app tells you that your card has been disabled you’ve likely exceeded your PIN attempts (give it 24 hours before you try to send using Pay Up again), but don’t worry—it will stop you before your PIN attempts block your card from working for other debit card transactions. 

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can send using Pay Up?

Yes. At this time, you can temporarily send up to $500 per transaction, $1,000 total per day, and $5,000 total per month.

What will my friend need to do to receive the money?

Your friend will get an email from “Camden National Bank” or a text message from “678-264-6407” containing a link to a page they’ll need to visit in order to collect the money. From there, they’ll choose to receive the money by entering their debit card number (for instant payment) or their account and routing number (will go as an electronic payment and take a day or two). No registration or login is required to receive money.

Will it cost my friend or me anything to use Camden National Bank’s Pay Up service?

No, it’s free. Standard message and data rates may apply when using a mobile device.

When will my friend get the money?

If your friend chooses to collect the money with a debit card, the money is available to them right away! If they choose to collect it using their checking or savings account number, the money will be credited to their account within 1-2 business days.

Does my friend need to be a customer of Camden National Bank?

Nope. You can pay anyone using their email address or mobile phone number.

What if my friend gets a message saying that his/her debit card isn’t eligible to receive funds?

This shouldn’t happen often, but some banks do restrict you from using their debit card to collect funds sent this way. If that should happen, a prompt will appear asking that your friend try a different debit card or enter their account information. 

What happens if the person I pay doesn’t collect the money?

If your friend doesn’t collect the money, your payment will be returned to your account in ten calendar days. Both you and your friend will be notified of that if it happens.

How do I cancel a payment?
To cancel a payment that you sent using Pay Up, contact our Customer Assistance Center at 800-860-8821 right away (the sooner the better so we can help you catch it before it’s collected).