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We have “SMART ATMs” at 30 of our locations across the state. This gives you the convenience of being able to bank whenever you need.

SMART ATMs have advanced technology that allows you to:

  • Make deposits — ticket and envelope free.
  • Deposit up to 10 checks at a time without the use of an envelope. The machine will show you a picture of the check and ask you to confirm the amount. At the end of the transaction, you can request a receipt with all the images as well for your files.
  • Deposit up to 50 bills at a time without the use of an envelope. The machine will count each bill and provide a detailed inventory on your receipt after the transaction has been completed.
  • Set up quick cash preferences for an even faster banking experience.
  • Access on-screen deposit details and balance information.

Stop by a branch today and try it for yourself. For more information click here.


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