SMART ATMs Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does it work?
A. SMART ATMs are touch screen based and provide on-screen directions through the entire transaction.
Q. What is the deposit cut-off time?
A. The deposit cut-off time for SMART ATMs is 6 p.m. All deposits made after this time will post the next day. All other ATMs have a cut-off time of 2 p.m.
Q. Do I need to use an envelope when I make cash or check deposits?
A. No, you do not need to use an envelope to make a deposit. Simply insert the checks or flat bills into the slot and the machine will take care of the rest.
Q. Can I deposit coins in the SMART ATM?
A. At this time the SMART ATM does not accept coin deposits. 
Q. How does the machine know who I am?
A. The machine uses your debit or ATM card as a way of knowing who is making the deposit. You will be able to select which account you want to deposit into.
Q. How does it read the deposit?
A. The ATM will scan each individual bill or check and sort them based upon denomination. At the end of the transaction, you can print a receipt which will provide this detail for your records. 
Q. What if I scan a check and it does not correctly read the amount?
A. The ATM will show you an image of the check to approve prior to the deposit being made. You have the opportunity to enter the correct amount.
Q. Can I see ATM deposits online?
A. ATM deposits will show up as a checking or savings deposit, depending on the account you select, in online banking.
Q. Can I choose if I want a receipt or not?
A. Yes, you have many options. You can elect not to have a receipt; you can elect to have a summary receipt; or you can elect to have a receipt that details your deposits, with or without check images.
Q. Can I cancel my transaction?
A. Yes, you can cancel your transaction at any time and the machine will refund your deposit.
Q. Can I make split deposits during the same transaction?
A. No, you cannot perform a split deposit; however, you can make the entire deposit to one account, and then transfer an amount to the other account during the same transaction.


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