Camden National Bank Text Banking

Access your account information as quickly as sending a text.

Simply text 226563 with one of the commands below and receive the information you're looking for right away!

Text to 226563
BAL Receive balances for all eligible accounts
BAL + nickname Receive balance for account
HIST + nickname Receive account history
XFER + from account nickname + to account nickname + amount Transfer funds between accounts
LIST Receive a list of available text commands
HELP Receive a list of information sources for text banking
STOP Stop all text banking text messages to the mobile device

What do I need to use text banking?

  • Camden National account with online banking enrolled in text banking
  • A mobile device with text messaging

How do I enroll in text banking?

  1. Go to Preferences>Mobile within online banking
  2. Choose the Text Banking tab
  3. Fill in the requested information to enable and authorize text banking on your mobile device. Click Submit
  4. When prompted, click Yes and you will be redirected to the Preferences>Account page to enable, order and nickname your accounts for use with text banking under the Text Accounts tab

A welcome text will be sent to your mobile device, confirming your enrollment.

Why do I have to nickname my accounts if they are already named in online banking?

The nicknames used to request and view your account information in text banking can only be four characters in length, which may be shorter than the names you’ve assigned to your accounts in online banking. You do not need to change your account names in online banking, just select a short nickname that you can remember for text banking.

What if I forget the nickname for one of my accounts?

You can view your account nicknames for text banking on the Preferences>Account page in online banking, under the Text Accounts tab.

Are text commands case sensitive?

No. Commands can be sent in lowercase, uppercase or a combination of the two.

What if I don't get a text back?

If you don’t receive a text back from Camden National, here are a few things to try:

  • Check that the command is spelled correctly
  • Check that the correct information is included with the command, if necessary (such as for HIST and XFER)
  • Confirm that you do not have more than one set of login credentials for online banking with Camden National Bank. Your cell phone number can only be registered for text banking with one
  • Check that the cell phone number you are using is the one you registered for text banking. To change the phone number registered for text banking, log in to online banking and go to Preferences>Mobile and click on the Text Banking tab. Enter your new cell phone number in the space provided and click Submit

Text messages may take longer to reach the Bank and you, depending on the strength of your cell phone provider’s signal at your current location.

The Customer Assistance Center is available to help at 800-860-8821 or

Is text banking secure?

Yes. Text banking is just as secure as online and mobile banking. You view your accounts by nickname, rather than by account number, and no personal information is exchanged via text.


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